23 July 2011

What a Wonderful World

I have recently discovered the amazing talent of Emily Campbell, who I had the great pleasure of meeting. Graduating from Camberwell School of Art with a degree in Fine Art, Emily also has an MA in Alternative Media and has invested a lot of time creating gallery and public works of art. You can visit her personal website www.emilycampbell.co.uk and her new commercial website www.bluebutterflyflooring.com to view her pieces as well as the opportunity to purchase some of amazing and intriguing works of art.

Emily uses her digital skills to create magical images that transport you into a world of fantasy. By printing these images on everyday interiors such as rugs, vinyl flooring and wall art, the pieces create a tactile and aesthetically stunning atmosphere.

Here are some of her projects/pieces:

After viewing the rugs and vinyls, I can personally say that they truly are stunning pieces and can bring any room to life. They completely transform the space by adding punches of exploding colours and fantasy elements. You can see in the images above how both adults and children interact with them and how they become part of the magical scene.

Emily's vinyl (Blue Butterfly Flooring) has also appeared on ITV's 60 Second Makeover. Here is the completed conservatory where the vinyl flooring was fitted.

Emily has produced many pieces for healthcare centres and schools (see images below) but the above image is a perfect example of how this fascinating and unique imagery can be placed into an everyday home.

Here are some of examples of Emily's work where they have been effectively placed into Healthcare Centres and Schools. They certainly provide an easy and calm influence upon the viewer.

'How Does Your Garden Grow?' is one of my favourite projects. The images below is another perfect example of how the vinyl flooring can be used in schools and other learning facilities. The visual stimulating elements are perfect for learning and developing skills.

This is another favourite piece of mine as I love how the lighting transforms the images creating the illusion of 'time passing'.

Public Art:

The application of these images are never ending, however a new idea (thought up by Emma, Emily's amazing Sales Director) is Cube seating which is the perfect addition to the Blue Butterfly Flooring family. While they are used for seating, they can be stacked in various ways and can be placed in corners to make a work of 3D art. 

There is no doubt that Emily creates a world of tranquility and fantasy. In terms of design, I think Emily has created a range that is unique and definitely fills that missing piece in the design/retail industry. Although her designs work amazingly well in in healthcare centres, schools etc, I really feel she can offer an amazing and unusual option for residential homes, flats etc. I can definitely see this working in children's rooms and playrooms, conservatories and even living rooms. I just love the way that no matter what angle you stand and view it from, it always feel as though you are within the scene. It really is pure genius! 

For more information on Emily Campbell, images of her work or commission work, please visit her website www.emilycampbell.co.uk.

For more information on Blue Butterfly Flooring, please visit www.bluebutterflyflooring.com 

You can also visit her on Facebook at:

I wish Emily the best of luck and look forward to what the future holds! 

S x

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